FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my loved one ready for personal care?

Most people come to our facility because of problems with physical limitations, mental health issues or both.

PHYSICAL: The state mandates that we only accept residents into our facility that can exist within the daily routine or fire safety designs of the building. This means that residents would need to exit the facility with no assistance in the case of fire or come to meal service three times daily. A mobility assessment has to be performed by a doctor.

MENTAL: The mental health side is more complicated but the following signs are indicators that a resident would not be appropriate for personal care:
   1) Combative - striking out at other people for any reason.
   2) Wandering - not only forgetting where one is but wanting to leave and go somewhere else.
   3) Lack of Short Term Memory - I don’t know where my room is so I’m going into someone else’s room.
   4) Destructive - urinating in trash cans.

Please go to the survey to see how your loved one will fit into personal care.

What’s the first step?

Obtain lists of other facilities, see our links page. Next, tour each facility and ask questions from our worksheet. Talk to the residents alone and get a feel for the place. Analyze the information and narrow the choice to 2 or 3 facilities. Explain to your loved one that he or she needs personal care. Be prepared at this point with the information that you have gathered to handle objections. Convince them to visit the short list of facilities. At some point after admission your loved one may want to object or complain about a facility in order to make you feel guilty so that they can move home or with you, because you’ve gone through these steps you are now in a position to stand your ground.

What should I bring?

The rooms are fully furnished including a bed, night stand, wardrobe unit, dresser, mirror, chair, night stand light, floor (reading) light, TV tray table, linens, towels and some toiletries. Residents can bring their own chair or other furniture if necessary. Residents usually bring a TV, pictures, knick-knacks, clothing and toiletries.

Do you share or sell any information collected?

All information you provide Grand View Manor will remain confidential and will only be used to help us assist you with your needs or questions. We NEVER sell your information.