Financial Worksheet

Grand View Manor
129 Houck Rd
Fleetwood, PA 19522
P: (610) 944-1800
F: (610) 944-5200
Family involvement is encouraged at Grand View.

To compare your loved one's current expences while living at home to the expences they will have living at Grand View Manor, please fill in the following form or click on the link below for a Printable Finance Worksheet.
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Housing at GVM Currently
Mortgage/Rent Included
Real Estate Taxes Included
Homeowner's Insur. Included
Electric Included
Gas/Oil/Other Included
Water/Sewer Included
Trash Collection Included
Maint./Repairs Included
Lawn/Trees Included
Security System Included
Groceries Included
Dining Out Included
Gas/Oil Included
Maint./Repairs Included
Insurance Included
Reg./Inspec. Included
Entertainment Included
Memberships Included
Home Health/Other Included
Grand Total
Printable Finance Worksheet
(Opens in New Window)