Admission Application

Grand View Manor
129 Houck Rd
Fleetwood, PA 19522
P: (610) 944-1800
F: (610) 944-5200

Admission to Grand View Manor is on a first come first serve basis. Therefore it is important to register as soon as possible. Let's face it, the best facilities have the longest waiting lists. In fact, if you need to place your loved one in a facility immediately, you may have to place them in a lesser quality facility temporarily until a room becomes available in the facility of your choice. Since leases at most facilities are only 30 days in length, this is done all the time. However, the best way to avoid this is to make decisions early and ensure placement by filling out an admission request.

Upon receiving your admission form, one of our staff members will make an assessment and contact you. It is non-binding and as rooms become available you will be notified and can accept or reject them. Please note that current residents in our facility have the opportunity to move into any available room first. Applicants may choose a shared room with the intent on moving into a private room as a way to enter the facilty quicker.

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